Monday, September 12, 2011

The Return

Hey, remember that time I went like four months without updating? That was weird, right? But have no fears, dab your tears, the Timster is back with a vengeance. I'd love to make some (read: any) excuse for my sudden absence, preferably one brimming with mystery, tragedy and intrigue, but truth be told it was just a bout of prolonged ennui. I'm feeling that itch again, though, and I'd really like to get back to writing about some pop culture, both for myself and because the fall 2011 TV premiere season officially begins tomorrow with the debut of Ringer on the CW, and I wanna get in on reviewing all the new scripted shows that be poppin' up. And movie reviews and summer recaps and trailers and general opinions and posting too much about James Bond and NBC comedies and all that other business you may or may not love me for. Rock!

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Anonymous said...

Oh good! Now I have something to read again. Heh heh.